2022 Share Price: $720 for 24 weeks of fresh, local produce. This works out to be $30 per week. 

By selling shares in advance of the growing season, a CSA reduces the burden of up-front costs for your local farmer. Your share fees provide us with money to purchase seed and supplies before the season starts, and ensures that our capital expenses are met up front so we don’t have to pass on the cost of financing. We appreciate your commitment to local, sustainable food sources and a living wage for its producers.

We encourage members who are able to pay their entire share cost at sign up to do so. As you know, we use payments from CSA members to cover the expenses of the coming season. A large portion of our expenses come as we order supplies in November and December.

We do not want the expense of a share with our farm to prevent anyone from signing up right away. This season we are offering a standardized payment plan. We ask that members contribute at least 20% of the cost of their share when they sign up. That’s $144. Starting in February, you will receive email notification to send another 20% payment until the remainder of the share is paid (5 total payments, including initial payment at sign up). We are still happy to work with members who would like to arrange an alternative payment plan–just contact us! All payments are non-refundable beyond the second week of the season.

We’ve tried our best to keep our prices accessible over the years and have been happy to offer a sliding scale. This year I’ve got to make more with less.  I’m sure you’ve heard that labor and materials costs keep going up, and so does the cost of living. The money you pay is supporting a good wage for everyone working here and is sustaining an ecologically-minded farm in your own region. I appreciate the opportunity to grow food for every one of you and the support you give.

For the 2021 season, we are accepting cash and checks only. It’s okay with us if that means it’ll take a little longer for your payments to reach us. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Checks can be made out to Hunter Hill CSA and mailed to the farm (901 Frost Hollow Road, Easton, PA 18040) or dropped off by appointment.

Cash payments can be dropped off at the farm by appointment. Please email to set up a time.

Receipts for purchase by cash or check will be issued by email when payment is received. Paper copies can be picked up or mailed by request.