One (Share) Size Fits All

Our “Just Right” share size is a diverse, well-portioned, rotating taste of seasonal veggie goodness. The share price is $870 for the 29 week season. Each week’s share contents will meet or exceed the share cost ($30/wk). We anticipate including 6-12 items per week. It’s hard to put a finger on who this share size is particularly suited to. Each season our membership base includes singles, couples, families, neighbors…

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Market-Style Pick-up

Members picking up at the farm enjoy more choice with market style pick up. Each week we lay out a plentiful selection of whatever is ready for harvest and members take the allotted amount of whichever items they want. If there are items in the line up that members would rather not have, they are invited to place those items in the Leave An Item, Take An Item Bin.

Leave An Item, Take An Item Bin

To better acknowledge different tastes and lifestyles, we have a Leave an Item, Take an Item Bin. Inevitably during the season there will be an item in your share you’ll know you won’t use or that you just don’t care for. Leave it in the box for someone else to enjoy. If you see an item that you love in the box, grab it. This is a bin built on the good will of the membership base. It is not necessary to leave an item to take one.

Compost at the Farm

Members who pick up at the farm have access to a conveniently located compost bin. Keep your discarded produce and food scraps out of the waste stream and help us make soil!

Member Tours

All of our members are invited out to take a guided tour of the farm. Dates TBA.


Your Hunter Hill CSA shares will be available for pick-up at our farm once per week for 29 weeks — from the middle of May through early December (exact start date to be determined based on weather conditions this spring).  You can choose either Tuesdays or Fridays as your pick-up day for the season.  Pick-ups will run from 3pm-7pm both days.

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