Our Farm

Since 2010, Hunter Hill CSA has served the Lehigh Valley by growing a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs for our CSA on 1 ½ acres of our family farm in Forks, PA. We don’t use synthetic herbicides, synthetic pesticides, or GMOs—ever. We use compost and manure to fertilize and cultivate primarily with hand tools as part of our no-till agricultural practice. We think you’ll like our nutritious produce!

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Meet your farmer!

Dan Hunter is a man who loves his veggies and fruits. The PA native has been doing small scale farming in the Lehigh Valley for a decade. He worked at Liberty Gardens in Coopersburg and at Lehigh County’s farmer apprentice program The Seed Farm before moving onto family land in Forks Township to start Hunter Hill CSA in 2010. He cares deeply about regenerative agriculture that enriches the soil, traps more carbon dioxide, and makes heaps of nutritious, chemical-free produce. When not farming, Dan and his wife Katy enjoy singing, walking, and tickling their little toddler Yona.

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